Linn Fletcher, Rannhvi Mebius-Jormin, Amélie Roch, 2019.


Blindsided, 2020

“Pomology” is a quartet composed of three dancers and an apple. We explore and reflect on the contradiction between the apple as nature’s simple creation and the symbolism and images attached to it by human culture through thousand of years of history and representation. The inanimate apple carries a myriad of references whether they be scientific, religious, technological or artistic: Newton discovering gravity, Eve biting the forbidden fruit and getting access to all the knowledge in the world, Steve Jobs choosing it a trademark for his business.

Oscillating between these representations the apple has been prevalent through history and art, subsequently being a subject of analysis, stories and paintings. Being adored and a symbol of health and being abhorred as the original sin, the apple is an objects of polarizing attributes : Fertility; love; joyousness; knowledge; wisdom; divination; luxury; but also deceitfulness and death as J.C. Cooper writes An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols. Through these conflicting aspects the apple becomes a really interesting and relevant object to question through movement, choreography and storytelling. We chose to use the ambiguity of the apple to create an unusual but accessible and playful atmosphere that explore the many concepts attached to the apple.

"Pomology" won the 2019 edition of the Koreografikonkurrencen at Dansekapellet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pomology tree.png
pomology eve.png